Cengiz Arslan Brand Identity

Cengiz Arslan Taxi is a brand with the same color and a very different service!

We decided to add another colorful brand to our colorful customer portfolio, and we designed a brand new brand identity for Cengiz Arslan Taxi.


Cengiz Arslan, who has been in the commercial taxi license plate sector since 1995, is preparing to set out with a service approach that focuses on customer experience, by solving the stereotypical problems of the sector and offering an innovative perspective to the sector as of 2022.

In the design process, which we started with the motto "Our color is the same, our service is very different", we supported the yellow color and checkered patterns, which are clichéd but indispensable elements of the taxi industry, with innovative touches, and supported them with a unique font family. In this way, the brand identity aims to be easy to understand and to create an innovative impression.

By applying the identity design in both digital and conventional channels, we brought its concrete outputs to life.


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Cengiz Arslan Brand Identity