Tesu Mobile Application Development

The new generation digital medicine application is in control with TESU!

TESU, which allows you to report everything from sports to nutrition, from exercise to your development map; It is a mobile application that offers nutrition, exercise and healthy life recommendations that will increase your life standards.

The new generation digital medicine application is in control with TESU!?>

TESU cares about people taking care of their daily and long-term health and raising their living standards with recommendations. This application, which aims to support the individual health follow-ups of individuals, can be prescribed by specialist physicians for the first time in the world. TESU enables all its users to protect, monitor and improve their current health with a physician's prescription.

Wagon Agency creative team led TESU's UI/UX project. With its expert design team in the field of user experience, Wagoon has created a setup that will start with the logo entry, followed by the "Welcome" screen. It has designed screens for users who log in or create a membership, where they can follow their progress on the following screens, update their information and find special suggestions. It has also integrated the approach that the application can be prescribed by specialist physicians, which is a first in the world, into the project.

Wagoon has also designed a brand identity for this innovative application like TESU, which cares about the health of people. The logo has been designed in a form that evokes flexibility. The "R", the "Register" symbol, which indicates that the brand is registered and registered, is integrated into the logo design in the same form.

TESU's dominant color is chosen from green tones that represent health and confidence. Supporting colors are determined as white, which expresses transparency and cleanliness, and a dark blue tone, which expresses prestige.

Primary font family, which has a prestigious appearance and precise lines, will be used for the texts and slogans to be used in TESU designs.


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Tesu Mobile Application Development