Bride'spirit Branding Design

Ayşem Gelinlik: It is a modern and innovative fashion house that has been designing, producing and selling wedding dresses in the fashion industry for many years.

Our team created a new name and corporate identity for Ayşem Gelinlik.


The name focuses on the magical union brought about by the union of the bride and her soul. In the fashion sector, it is aimed that a product appeals to the soul of the buyer, adapts to the aesthetic taste and integrates with the body of the buyer. The work of the name associates the integration of the product and the buyer with the union of the soul and the body. Bride'spirit tells about the union of the bride with her soul (bridal gown).


The apostrophe, which serves as a conjunction in the combination of the words "Bride's" and "Spirit" in the name, turns into a sparkling star in the logo design and describes the magical union of the soul and body.


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Bride'spirit Branding Design