Hourly Second Hand Rental Application

A brand new experience in the used goods world: HOURLY


Hourly is a mobile application where users can rent products from clothing to accessories, from electronics to furniture on an hourly, daily and monthly basis.

Hourly application, an award-winning idea from Europe, “Renting is now very easy!” while standing out with its motto; It is the product of an idea that aims to make the lives of users easier by renting products to each other these days when our purchasing power has decreased. We have developed a modern and user-friendly interface design for Hourly, which will be preferred by users as the fastest and simplest way to rent.


Our creative team worked in coordination with the customer from the idea stage of Hourly to the moment of launch, while taking into account the data based on users' movements during the interface design process of the application. We have designed many functional screens such as a product search screen that will allow users to find the products they are looking for as quickly as possible, screens showing the items that can be rented on the map, category screens, screens containing the contact information of users who want to rent a product. We focus on keeping it simple to use, fast and functional.


In the logo of this application, which we will see on the App Store and Google Play very soon, we used a "lens" icon, which is the prominent feature of "Hourly", which centers users who are looking for products. We simplified it and adapted it to all application areas, aiming to create a new brand in all media.


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Hourly Second Hand Rental Application